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· Simple structure and durable performance

· Easy to operate and maintain

· Wide adaptability and adjustable capacity

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As a kind of continuous material handling equipment, apron feeder is set under the silo or funnel with a certain cabinet pressure, used for continuously feeding or transferring material to the crusher, conveyor or other machines in the horizontal or oblique direction (maximum upward inclination angle up to 25 degrees). It is especially suitable for transporting large blocks, high temperatures and sharp materials, also runs steadily in open air and humid environments. This equipment is widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials and coal industries.


Mainly consists of: 1 Driving unit, 2 Main shaft, 3 Tension device, 4 Chain unit, 5 Frame, 6 Supporting wheel, 7 Sprocket, etc.

1. Driving unit:

Direct planetary combination: hanging on the side of the equipment, through the reducer hollow shaft sleeve on the main shaft of the equipment, through the tightening disc locking the two tightly together.  No foundation, small installation error, easy maintenance, labor saving.

There are two forms of mechanical drive and hydraulic motor drive

(1) The mechanical drive is composed of motor through nylon pin coupling, reducer brake (built-in), locking disc, torque arm and other parts. The reducer has low speed, large torque, small volume, etc.

(2)The hydraulic drive is mainly composed of hydraulic motor, pump station, control cabinet, torque arm, etc.

2. Main shaft device:

It is composed of shaft, sprocket, supporting roller, expansion sleeve, bearing seat and rolling bearing. The sprocket on the shaft drives the chain to run, so as to achieve the purpose of conveying materials.

The connection between the main shaft, sprocket and bearing seat adopts keyless connection, which is convenient for installation and simple for disassembly.

Sprocket teeth are hardened HRC48-55, wear-resistant and impact resistant. The working life of sprocket is more than 10 years.

3. Chain unit:

It is divided into unit arc and double arc.

It is mainly composed of track chain, chute plate and other parts. The chain is a traction component. Chains of different specifications are selected according to the traction force. The trough plate is used for loading materials. It is installed on the traction chain and driven by the traction chain to achieve the purpose of conveying materials.

The bottom of the groove plate is welded back-to-back with two channel steels, with large bearing capacity. Arc head and tail lap, no leakage.

4. Tensioning device:

It is mainly composed of tensioning screw, bearing seat, rolling bearing, support roller, buffer spring, etc. By adjusting the tensioning screw, the chain maintains a certain tension. When the material impacts the chain plate, the composite spring plays a buffering role. The connection between the tensioning shaft and the supporting wheel and the bearing seat adopts keyless connection, which is convenient for installation and simple for disassembly. The working surface of supporting roller is quenched HRC48-55, which is wear-resistant and impact resistant.

5. Frame:

It is anⅠ-shaped structure welded by steel plates. Several rib plates are welded between the upper and lower flange plates. The twoⅠ-shaped main beams are assembled and welded by channel steel and Ⅰ-steel, and its structure is firm and stable.

6. Supporting wheel:

It is mainly composed of roller, support, shaft, rolling bearing (long roller is sliding bearing), etc. The first function is to support the normal operation of the chain, and the second is to support the groove plate to prevent plastic deformation caused by material impact. Hardened, impact resistant roller HRC455. Working years: more than 3 years.

7. Baffle plate:

It is made of low carbon alloy steel plate and welded together. There are two structural forms with and without lining plate. One end of the device is connected with the bin and the other end is connected with the feeding bucket. During the discharging of bin,it is transported to the loading device through the baffle plate and the feeding hopper.

Our company has designed and produced apron feeder for more than 10 years, and its design, production and technology have always been at the leading level in China. For domestic and foreign users to provide a variety of specifications of apron feeder more than 1000 sets, to meet the needs of the majority of users. After years of accumulation of practical production experience and continuous self-improvement and perfection, the technical level and quality of products have been recognized by the majority of users.

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