New-type Coal Screw Feeder with 7.63m Coke Oven


1. The max Diameter is 800mm.

2. The equipment features smooth feeding, high strength blade, wear resistance.

3. The force state of the blade is improved to prevent the blade from open welding or tip bent.

4. Closed transportation, environmental protection and energy saving.

5. Taking advanced non-equal pitch screw shaft blades which adopts transition technology from the beginning to end of the blade.

6. The thickness of blade can be increased, the blade strength can be improved and the service life can be prolonged.

7. The force state of the blade is improved to prevent the blade from open welding or tip bent.

8. The blade is made of high wear-resisting and corrosion-resistant materials.

9. Adding angle steel at the center of the discharge port can make the blanking more smooth.

10. Ensure that the horizontal plane of the coal pillar in the silo drops basically evenly to prevent the coal pillar from hardening and blocking.

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The new coal screw conveyor designed and manufactured by Sino Coalition possesses a number of patented technologies, it is the first to adopt the infinite variable pitch design and surpass the international similar products. This product is mainly used in coking plants, conveying materials for coal, suitable for transferring material in a closed environment, and is the preferred accessory product for environmental protection and energy conservation. Variable frequency speed regulation can be added to control the material flow and realize quantitative dosing.


The screw feeder can be divided into three parts: the box, the screw rod assembly and the driving unit.
The screw rod assembly is composed of a feeding terminal, a discharging terminal and a screw rod.

Screw feeder classification

Screw feeder with 6m coke oven.
Screw feeder with 7m coke oven.
Screw feeder with 7.63m coke oven.

Spare parts

Screw rods: Our company is good at producing large size screw rods with diameters between 500-800. The ribs are made of carbon steel, and the screw rod and blades are stainless steel, with good quality and excellent price.

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