GT wear-resistant conveyor pulley

GT wear-resistant conveyor pulley is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly product, reaching the international advanced level. GT wear-resistant conveyor pulleys replace traditional rubber layers with multi-metal wear-resistant materials combined with the surface of the conveyor pulleys. The standard life can reach more than 50,000 hours (6years).

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According to GB/T 10595-2009 (equivalent to ISO-5048), the service life of the conveyor pulley bearing should be more than 50,000 hours, which means that the user can maintain the bearing and the pulley surface at the same time. The maximum working life can exceed 30 years. The surface and internal structure of multi-metal wear-resistant materials are porous. Grooves on the surface increase drag coefficient and slip resistance. GT conveyor pulleys have good heat dissipation performance, especially under high temperature conditions. Corrosion resistance is another benefit of GT conveyor pulleys. It can also achieve good performance in seaside or other complex conditions. High surface hardness prevents foreign matter (iron or iron filings) from entering the pulley, thereby protecting the pulley.

At the same time, Sino Coalition can also produce conveyor pulleys for other forms of conveying equipment, which the drive pulleys have smooth surface and rubber surface, and the rubber surface also has flat rubber surface, herringbone pattern rubber surface (suitable for one-way operation), rhombic pattern rubber surface (suitable for two-way operation), etc.Driving pulley adopts cast welding structure, expansion sleeve connection and cast rubber rhomb type rubber surface, double shaft type.  The structure is shown in the following figure:


Pulley diameter and width (mm): Φ 1250,1600
Bearing lubrication mode and grease: centralized lubrication lithium base grease
Bearing sealing mode: labyrinth seal
Wrap angle of driving pulley: 200 °
Service life: 30000h
Design life: 50000h

The reversing pulley adopts flat rubber surface. The reversing pulley with the same diameter adopt the same structural type, and the combined tension is considered according to the maximum calculated value. The specific structural form shown in the following figure:


1. Can GT pulley protect the conveyor belt?

High hardness of the surface will prevent the foreign body(scrap iron or dina) from inserting into the pulley and protect the belt thereby. The friction coefficient of GT pulley can supply large transmitted torque which will reduce the probability of pulley slip and joint force. This will reduce the tension of belt and protect the belt accordingly.

2. How to prevent the pulley slip when pulley freezes in winter?

When pulley freezes in winter, mechanical de-icing devices can be installed on the pulley surface to remove the ice. The pulley will not get any damage due to the high hardness of surface. 

3. How to choose the life span of GT pulley?

Standard life span of GT pulley is 6 years. Also 12 years, 18 years, 24years and 30 years are available. The longer life span, the thicker wearing layer.

4.How to order the GT pulley?

For standard pulley life span, surface barrel or whole pulley, GT code are required. For nonstandard pulley, additional information like belt width, pulley diameter, allowable joint force and torque are required

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