Stacker and Reclaimer Spare Parts

In order to avoid the situation that the site cannot operate normally due to equipment shutdown, Sino Coalition can provide you with spare parts on the stacking and reclaiming equipment, which can ensure the normal operation of the on-site equipment and minimize the on-site loss. We have professional technicians to connect with you, serve you 24 hours and provide you with the best scheme with the fastest response. Sino Coalition has a perfect product production line and an excellent technical team, customizing the production plan according to the customer’s products and on-site working conditions, timely inform the customer of the production process and provide the product photos in the production process, so that the customer can understand the production process in real time. We will provide the best service and the highest cost performance to the customer. We have many years of export experience. The product packaging and freight transportation all meet the export requirements to ensure the safe and smooth transportation of products to the site.

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Bucket wheel stacker reclaimer spare parts

Buckle-wheel device, conveyor pulley, idler, conveyor belt, walking wheel, driving device, reducer (Flender, SEW and other well-known brands), etc.
Buckle-wheel device is mainly constituting of buckle-wheel body, reclaiming hopper, frame, supporting roller, side catch wheel, driving sprocket, redirection sprocket, tensioner sprocket, adjustable arc stock guide, bucket-wheel driving device and other parts.

In addition to normal pulleys, our company also include GT wear-resistant conveyor pulley, which is an energy-saving and environment-friendly product and has reached the international advanced level. GT wear-resistant pulley adopts multi-metal wear-resistant materials combined with the pulley surface to replace the traditional rubber layer. The standard service life can reach more than 50000 hours (6 years).

We have maintained good cooperative relations with many reducer manufacturers of well-known brands at domestic and abroad. The product delivery date can be well guaranteed and the price is more favorable.

Scraper stacker, reclaimer

Scrapers, chains, etc.

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