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1. It has a wide range of applications and can transport a variety of materials, such as powder (cement, flour), granular (grain, sand), small pieces (coal, crushed stone) and toxic, corrosive, high temperature (300-400). Flying, flammable, explosive and other materials.

2. The process layout is flexible, and can be arranged horizontally, vertically and obliquely.

3. The equipment is simple, small size, small occupation, light in weight, and multipoint loading and unloading.

4. Realize sealed transportation, especially suitable for transportation of dust, toxic and explosive materials, improve working conditions and prevent environmental pollution.

5. The material can be conveyed in opposite directions along the two branches.

6. Easy installation and low maintenance cost.

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The scraper conveyor is mainly composed of a closed section casing (machine slot), a scraper device, a transmission device, a tensioning device and a safety protection device. The equipment has simple structure, small size, good sealing performance, convenient installation and maintenance; multi-point feeding and multi-point unloading, flexible process selection and layout; when conveying flying, toxic, high temperature, flammable and explosive materials , can improve working conditions and reduce environmental pollution. Models are: general type, hot material type, high temperature type, wear-resistant type, etc.

The overall structure of the scraper conveyor is reasonable. The scraper chain runs evenly and moves under the drive of the motor and reducer, with stable operation and low noise. Conveying equipment that continuously conveys bulk materials by moving scraper chains in a closed casing of rectangular section and tubular section.


(1) The chute is easy to wear and the chain is seriously worn.

(2) Lower transmission speed 0.08--0.8m/s, small throughput.

(3) High energy consumption.

(4) It is not suitable to transport viscous, easy to agglomerate materials.

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