How to deal with the challenges brought by the new energy policy for mining machinery

Saving energy is both an opportunity and a challenge for mining machinery. First of all, mining machinery is a heavy industry with high capital and technology intensity. The improvement of technology is very important for the development of the industry. Now the whole industry is in a state of more OEM and less development and research of construction machinery. Whoever innovates and develops means taking risks, which will not only bring huge pressure on R & D funds, but also uncertain whether it is successful or not. Secondly, the macroeconomic deterioration situation formed at home and abroad has become increasingly prominent. The “debt crisis” in Europe, the upcoming “fiscal cliff” in the United States and the continuous sluggish growth rate in China are all manifestations of the decline of the economy. Investors have a serious wait-and-see psychology for the stock market, which seriously affects the development of the global economy. As a leading industry of social economy, the mining machinery industry faces great challenges.

In the face of challenges, the mining machinery industry cannot wait for nothing. It should take energy conservation and development as the goal and optimize the structure of the mining machinery industry as the means to strictly control low-level redundant construction and accelerate the elimination of backward production capacity with high energy consumption and high emission; Accelerate the use of advanced and applicable technologies to transform traditional industries; Raise the access threshold of processing trade and promote the transformation and upgrading of processing trade; Improve the structure of foreign trade and promote the transformation of foreign trade development from energy and labor intensive to capital and technology intensive; Promote the great development of service industry; Cultivate and develop strategic emerging industries and accelerate the formation of leading and pillar industries.

In short, as an important part of the social real economy, the mining machinery industry can continue to be optimistic. As long as we grasp the opportunities for future development, enterprises will be able to move forward in the economic storm.

Post time: Apr-11-2022