Advanced Side type Cantilever Stacker

Product Features

·Good homogenization

·Large stockyard reserve

·Less occupied area

·High level of automation

·It can meet different stacking processes.

·With unattended function, can change pile with one key.

·Advancement.The equipment adopts unmanned operation and can fully automatically carry out stacking and reclaiming operation. It is a highly automated product.

Product Detail

Product Tags


The side cantilever stacker is widely used in cement,building materials, coal, electric power, metallurgy, steel, chemical and other industries. Used for Pre-homogenization of limestone, coal, iron ore and auxiliary raw materials.It adopts herringbone stacking and can improve the physical and chemical properties of the raw materials with different physical and chemical properties and reduce the composition fluctuation, so as to simplify the production process and operation of users, improve technical and economic indicators and obtain greater economic benefits.The equipment has two types: side cantilever stacker, rotary cantilever stacker. The side cantilever stacker of our company can realize cross stacker operation, stack a variety of materials, meet different stacker processes, the range of stacker volume is 50 ~ 3700t / h, the length of stacker arm is 11m ~ 50m, and can realize the unmanned operation of the whole machine and the integration of machine, electricity and hydraulic, with good homogenization effect, small floor area and high degree of automation. At the same time, Sino coalition has also carried out various forms of cooperation and research with other professional institutions, which has played a positive role in the research and development of stacker reclaimer.

Basic structure

Traveling mechanism, feeding car, frame, cantilever stacker, hydraulic luffing system, control room and other components.

Technical features

·Adopt advanced design methods, such as computer-aided design, three-dimensional design and optimization design of steel structure. Absorbing advanced technology, together with the experience of designing and manufacturing stacker reclaimer and continuous summary and improvement, we can achieve advanced and reasonable technology and reliable equipment use in the design.

·Advanced production equipment and technological means are adopted to ensure that, for example, the steel pretreatment production line can ensure the improvement of the quality and corrosion resistance of the manufactured products, and the use of large milling and boring machines improves the processing quality of large parts. The whole assembly of large components is performed in the factory, the driving part is tested in the factory, and the rotary part is made by mold.

·Use new materials, such as wear-resistant materials and composite materials.

·External accessories adopt advanced products at domestic and abroad.

·The equipment is provided with various protective measures.

·Advanced testing means and strict quality management system.

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