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·Large slewing radius

·High productivity

·Low power consumption

·Environmental friendly solution

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Bucket wheel stacker reclaimer is a kind of large-scale loading/unloading equipment developed for handling bulk materials continuously and efficiently in longitudinal storage. To realize storage, mixing materials of large mixing process equipment. It mainly used in electric power, metallurgy, coal, building material and chemical industries in coal and ore stockyards. It can realize both stacking and reclaiming operation.

The bucket wheel stacker reclaimer of our company has an arm length range of 20-60m and the reclaiming capacity range of 100-10000t/h. It can realize cross stacking operation, stack a variety of materials and meet different stacking technology. This equipment is widely used in long raw material yard, and can meet various material yard processes such as straight-through and turn-back.

The Bucket Wheel Stacker Reclaimer can be divided into:
Fixed single tripper bucket wheel stacker reclaimer
Movable single tripper bucket wheel stacker reclaimer
Fixed double tripper bucket wheel stacker reclaimer
Movable double tripper bucket wheel stacker reclaimer
Cross double tripper bucket wheel stacker reclaimer


1. Bucket wheel unit: the bucket wheel unit is installed at the front end of the cantilever beam, pitching and rotating with the cantilever beam to dig materials with different heights and angles. The bucket wheel unit is mainly composed of bucket wheel body, hopper, ring baffle plate, discharge chute, bucket wheel shaft, bearing seat, motor, hydraulic coupling, reducer, etc.
2. Slewing unit: it is composed of slewing bearing and driving device to rotate the boom left and right. In order to ensure that the bucket shovel can be full when the boom is at any position, the rotation speed is required to realize automatic stepless adjustment according to a certain law within the range of 0.01 ~ 0.2 rpm. Most use DC motor or hydraulic drive.
3. Boom belt conveyor: for conveying materials. During stacking and reclaiming operations, the conveyor belt needs to run in the forward and reverse directions.
4. Tail car: a mechanism that connects the belt conveyor in the stockyard with the bucket wheel stacker reclaimer. The conveyor belt of the stockyard belt conveyor bypasses the two rollers on the tail truck frame in an S-shaped direction, so as to transfer the materials from the stockyard belt conveyor to the bucket wheel stacker reclaimer during stacking.
5. Pitching mechanism and operating mechanism: similar to the corresponding mechanisms in portal crane.

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