Top Stacking and Lateral Reclaiming Stacker Reclaimer


·The circular stockyard with retaining wall can save 40%-50% occupied area than other stockyards with the same storage capacity.

·The manufacturing cost of this machine is 20%-40% less than that of other equipment in the same capacity and power.

·The circular stacker and reclaimer is arranged in the workshop. Indoor operation prevents the material from wet, wind and sand, thereby keep it stable in composition and moisture, also benefits the following equipment in sufficient output power and smooth running.

·Retaining wall is set around the circular stockyard to increase the storage capacity. A hemispherical grid roof on the wall can enclose the dust generated during the operation, thus meeting environmental protection requirements.

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Top stacking and lateral reclaiming stacker reclaimer is a type of indoor circular stockyard storage equipment. It is mainly composed of a cantilever slewing stacker, a central pillar, a side scraper reclaimer (portal scraper reclaimer), electric control system and so on. The central pillar is set in the center of the circular stockyard. On its upper part, a cantilever stacker is mounted, which can 360°rotate around the pillar and completes stacking in cone-shell method.The side reclaimer (portal scraper reclaimer) also rotates around the central pillar. By the reciprocation of the scraper on the reclaimer boom, the material is scraped off layer by layer to the discharge funnel under the central pillar, then unloaded to the overland belt conveyor for being transported out of the yard.

The equipment can achieve continuous stacking and reclaiming operation in full automatic process. Sino Coalition is one of the companies that produce full specifications of top stacking and lateral reclaiming stacker reclaimer. At present, the equipment diameter and corresponding silo storage capacity that can be manufactured are 60m (15000-28000 m3), 70m (2300-42000 m3), 80m (35000-65000 m3), 90m (49000-94000 m3), 100m (56000-125000 M3), 110m (80000-17000 m3), 120m (12-23 m3) and 136m (140000-35000 m3). The top stacking and lateral reclaiming stacker reclaimer with a diameter of 136m has reached the world advanced level. The range of stacking capacity is 0-5000 T / h, and the range of reclaiming capacity is 0-4000 T / h.

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