Vostochnaya GOK installed Russia’s largest mainline coal conveyor

The project team has fully completed the preparatory work along the entire length of the main conveyor. More than 70% of the installation of metal structures has been completed.
The Vostochny mine is installing a main coal conveyor connecting the Solntsevsky coal mine with a coal seaport in Shakhtersk. The Sakhalin project is part of a green coal cluster aimed at reducing harmful emissions into the atmosphere.
Aleksey Tkachenko, director of VGK Transport Systems, noted: “The project is unique in terms of scale and technology. The total length of the conveyors is 23 kilometers. Despite all the difficulties associated with the unprecedented nature of this construction, the Team masterfully dealt with the case and coped with the task. ”
“The main transport system consists of several interconnected projects: the main conveyor itself, the reconstruction of the port, the construction of a new automated open-air warehouse, the construction of two substations and an intermediate warehouse. Now all parts of the transport system are being built,” Tkachenko added.
The construction of the main coal conveyor is included in the list of priority projects of the Sakhalin Region. According to Aleksey Tkachenko, the commissioning of the entire complex will make it possible to remove dump trucks loaded with coal from the roads of the Uglegorsk region. The conveyors will reduce the load on public roads, and will also make a significant contribution to the decarbonization of the economy of the Sakhalin Region. The implementation of this project will create more jobs. The construction of the main conveyor is carried out within the framework of the regime of the free port of Vladivostok.

Post time: Aug-23-2022