Importance of regular inspection and maintenance of stacker reclaimer

Stacker reclaimer is generally composed of luffing mechanism, traveling mechanism, bucket wheel mechanism and rotary mechanism. Stacker reclaimer is one of the key large-scale equipment in cement plant. It can simultaneously or separately complete the piling and reclaimer of limestone, which plays an important role in the pre-homogenization of limestone, the stabilization of kiln condition and the guarantee of clinker quality.

Inspection and reporting
The stacker reclaimer can be trouble free and has a long service life, which largely depends on regular inspection and good use and maintenance. Establish regular inspection and maintenance. It includes daily inspection, weekly inspection and monthly inspection.

Daily inspection:
1. Whether the reducer, hydraulic system, brake and lubrication system leak oil.
2. Temperature rise of motor.
3. Whether the belt of the cantilever belt conveyor is damaged and deviated.
4. Use and operation of electrical components.
5. Whether the oil level and quantity of the lubrication system meet the requirements.

Weekly inspection
1. Wear of brake shoe, brake wheel and pin shaft.
2. Fastening condition of bolts.
3. Lubrication of each lubrication point

Monthly inspection
1. Whether the brake, shaft, coupling and roller have cracks.
2. Whether the welds of structural parts have cracks.
3. Insulation of control cabinet and electrical components.

Annual inspection
1. Pollution level of oil in reducer.
2. Pollution level of the oil in the hydraulic system.
3. Whether the terminal of electrical part is loose.
4. Wear of wear-resistant lining plate.
5. The working reliability of each brake.
6. Reliability of each protection device.

Post time: Apr-11-2022