Filter Chip Conveyor Supports Unattended Production | Modern Machine Shop

LNS’ Turbo MF4 Filter Chip Conveyor is designed to manage chips of all shapes, sizes and weights.
The Turbo MF4 is the latest generation filtered chip conveyor from LNS North America, featuring a dual conveying system and self-cleaning filter cartridges to manage chip material of all shapes, sizes and weights.LNS reports that it can handle fine, coarse, sticky and dense mixed materials, including heavy chips, sticky nests and chunks.Therefore, it is suitable for unattended and unattended production.
LNS says the filter cartridges are 50 µm fine, so machine oil pans are not contaminated, pumps are not damaged, and only clean coolant is recirculated during machining.It is designed to reduce maintenance costs, extend tool and coolant life, and increase machine uptime.
In operation, the upper conveyor conveys heavy objects, while the lower scraper conveyor removes the remaining small particles.These fines are collected in the filter cartridge and deposited on the slope.The Turbo MF4 has a compact design and occupies a similar footprint as most standard hinged belt conveyors.

Post time: Jul-26-2022