What are the reasons for the stacker-reclaimer jamming

1. The drive belt is loose. The power of the stacker-reclaimer is driven by the drive belt. When the drive belt is loose, it will cause insufficient material breakage. When the drive belt is too tight, it is easy to break, affecting the normal operation. Therefore, the operator checks the tightness of the belt before each start.

2. The impact force is too large. The stacker-reclaimer is subject to impact during operation, which will cause the body to loosen and affect the normal crushing operation. Therefore, please check whether there is any sign of looseness in the internal parts of the fuselage and tighten them in time if necessary.

3. Machine plugging. If the stacker-reclaimer feeds too much or unevenly, and the feed does not meet the standard, it will cause blockage. This will suddenly increase the current of the equipment, and the automatic circuit protection device will close the protection circuit, causing plugging. Therefore, the operator should strictly follow the operation standard when feeding to avoid the problem of plugging.

4. The main shaft is broken. If the user operates improperly or the stacker-reclaimer is overloaded for a long time, the main shaft of the stacker-reclaimer may be broken. Therefore, in order to avoid jamming due to the fracture of the main shaft, the operators should conduct on-site training and operation in strict accordance with the operating standards and specifications when operating the equipment. In addition, it is also necessary to prevent equipment overload and pay attention to check the operation of the equipment.

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