FLSmidth fills spur line with high-tonnage hybrid

HAB feeders are designed to feed abrasive material to conveyor belts and classifiers at an adjustable rate
A Hybrid Apron feeder should combine the “strength of an apron feeder with the overflow control of a conveyor system”.
This solution can be used for adjustable rate feeding of abrasives such as ore sand, iron ore and bauxite.
The low-profile loading deck can accommodate different types of loading methods, including direct truck dumping, roll loading, front loading, bulldozing and ROM bypass loading to prevent double handling.
The modular design of the feeder allows transportation in standard sized containers, simplifying freight solutions to remote locations.Modularity also allows for specific discharge heights, depending on the desired application.
The HAB feeder design incorporates a number of safety features including activation alarms located behind the wing walls, emergency stops on both sides of the feeder and emergency levers at the feeder opening.
PC Kruger, Capital Equipment Manager at FLSmidth, said: “Because it is completely modular, the HABfFeeder can be installed anywhere close to stock with minimal site preparation. It is semi-mobile for simple site relocations or Repositioning. Moving the feeder is as easy as dragging it with standard yard equipment.”
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Post time: Jul-04-2022