Advantages of Pipe Belt Conveyor Compared to Belt Conveyor

Advantages of pipe belt conveyor compared to belt conveyor:


1. Small radius bending ability

An important advantage of pipe belt conveyors compared with other forms of belt conveyors is the small radius bending ability. For most applications, this advantage is important, when the conveyor belt direction changes dramatically, there is no need to set up a transfer point. In an environment where idlers form rings surrounded by many obstacles, the pipe belt conveyor not only has the conveying capacity of the general belt conveyor, but also has some shortcomings: for example, the material and manufacturing requirements of the conveyor belt are high. Around the conveyor belt, the conveyor belt can bend in any direction. The bending can be in the horizontal plane, the vertical plane or even in both horizontal and vertical planes. The transfer point is eliminated, and the additional drum, feed hopper and dust collector are eliminated, so the material loss is significantly reduced. It is important to avoid the maintenance of the transfer point. The tubular belt conveyor can have multiple bending sections. The shorter the length of the conveyor, the throughput is the same as that of the larger general belt conveyor, which can realize two-way material conveying. Because the pipe belt conveyor adopts closed tubular structure in the bearing section and the return section, one tubular belt conveyor can replace several general belt conveyors and related transfer points and additional equipment. The support of the tubular belt conveyor is only 635mm(25 in) wide, usually the same as the general belt conveyor whose bandwidth is 2.5 to 3 times its pipe diameter. The bearing capacity of the instantaneous overload of materials is also quite small, so the material loss is significantly reduced. We have installed a special cleaner at the opening of the tubular belt.

2.Environmental protection function

Materials are completely sealed with tape and will not leak out. Therefore, the transport of block materials, powder materials, toxic and dusty materials will not cause environmental pollution.


3.Large Angle tilt ability

Compared with the general belt conveyor, the tubular belt conveyor has greater inclined conveying capacity. Because it is a circular cross section, the contact area between the material and the conveyor belt is increased, so that the conveying Angle is increased by 50%, up to 27°. The greater the tilt Angle, the shorter the length of the conveyor, the more economical it is, making the tubular belt conveyor a viable material handling solution when space and performance are limited.



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Post time: May-06-2023